Collaboration Limited Edition

Announcing a New Collaboration

I would like to announce a new, the third actually, Collaboration between myself and Penmaker Gregory Hardy of Hardy Penwrights. The first two joint efforts were quite successful, instant sell outs. The first was an Ivory and Opal pen that was all sweetness and light (The Optimist), and the second was an evil dragon and fire themed wonder (the Pessimist).

 For our third effort, we bandied about several Ideas with each of us championing our own favorites, before settling on a Water Lily themed pen. With the current state of he world we both saw reason in choosing something peaceful with strong symbolism and the Water Lily brings Purity, Peace. Wellness and Rebirth to the party, all wonderful ideals for the times we face.

Take a look at the Water Lily painting above to see our inspiration.

For me, the deep slate colored water, the lily pads in shades of green running from blue-green to gold, and the peachy pink of the flower itself defined the colors I wanted to work with. So, I contacted Bob Dupras (BSea to some of you) to design a custom material for the pen series. Bob has enthusiastically jumped on board and is currently working on getting these colors just right.

I have selected the Andromeda style as the base for the pen due to its simplicity and its ability to make the material and the metalwork shine most brightly. The Andromeda also offers unique double nib sealing construction that has made it a favorite among my customers.

Greg's role is to provide the metalwork for the pens. He is working on a hand sculpted Lily Pad roll stop and a Lotus flower lower finial detail. The pen will also have a Lusso logo upper finial and a rhodium plated Jowo 6 nib in your choice of widths (custom grinds will also be available). The series will consist of 20 pens (a big leap for us, we started with Three for the Optimist, then ten for the Pessimist and now twenty for the Water Lily).  More information on the specifics of these features will be forthcoming. Here are the details that I can share today:


Number of pens: 20 in total – 9 are already reserved

Estimated price of the pens: $400

Expected time of completion: End of May

Each pen will come with a certificate that indicates its number and a custom Rickshaw Pen Sleeve

If you are interested in getting an early start on one of these pens please contact me at and I will put you on the list. No deposits are being taken yet, we will wait until we have more details on the design for that, but we need to be able to judge interest. 

Thank you and please stay safe.

Eric Sands

Atelier Lusso

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