Taurus Fountain Pen in Ghost Acrylic

Taurus Fountain Pen in Ghost Acrylic

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This Taurus Fountain Pen has been crafted from a Ghost Acrylic resin that features three colors, white, opaque seafoam and a translucent blue. While the blue is not "demonstrator" transparent, it provides some nice depth and interest to the beautiful swirls. 

The Taurus is a fairly large pen, its flush sides and tapered ends give it a traditional cigar pen profile. The metal trim, including the handmade clip, has been wrought from nickel silver and the nib featured is a rhodium plated steel Jowo #6 in EF, although other finish and width options are available at checkout. 

The pen comes with a converter cartridge but would make a great eyedropper pen with a little silicone grease on the section threads.


160mm Capped Length
16mm Width
138mm Body Length (including nib)