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Carina Fountain Pen in Pearly Blues and Purples

Carina Fountain Pen in Pearly Blues and Purples

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This Carina has been done in a material featuring swirls of pearly blue, purple and black in a translucent gray matrix. Due to the translucent nature of the gray, I've found it very hard to photograph this pen and capture it's true appearance, so I've included photos with different lighting and backgrounds to try to give you a fair representation. 

The trim on this pen is hand crafted from nickel silver bar except for my favorite premanufactured chrome clip. You can select from the drop down lists to pic the nib finish and width of your choice, just be aware that although I have a good stock of nibs on hand, getting just nib for you might delay your shipment for a week or two. The pen currently has a Rhodium plated Broad installed. Inking is by converter cartridge.

16mm Cap Width
14mm Body Width
147mm Total Length Capped
135mm Body Length including Nib