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Carina Fountain Pen in Green/Teal Ebonite

Carina Fountain Pen in Green/Teal Ebonite

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This Carina, made with a black and teal green ebonite along with black ebonite accents, is unusual as I have built it with black trim replacing the usual nickel silver. One of the issues I have with ebonite is the offgassing that occurs for quite a while that tarnishes the bronze and nickel silver trim I usually use. Interior pieces, like the trim ring around the section are usually quite seriously tarnished. So, to avoid this, this pen was made using a non-tarnishing chrome clip and black ebonite accents. The finial will still be subject to some tarnishing as it is solid sterling silver with an emerald green cold enamel fill, but usually a finger rub across the surface is sufficient to remove any tarnish there. So, with this pen you can enjoy the warm feel of ebonite without all the maintenance that usually goes with it. 

This is a converter cartridge pen and you may choose your preferred nib finish and width from the drop down boxes. Please be aware that not all nibs options are on hand all the time and some selections may take longer to acquire. Please let me know if shipping time is a priority. 

15.8 Cap Width
14mm Body Width
150mm Total Length Capped
139mm Length of Body Including Nib
28g Total Weight, Dry