Carina Fountain Pen in Carbon Fiber and Black

Carina Fountain Pen in Carbon Fiber and Black

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This one is a bit of a stunner... A genuine Carbon Fiber body with black cap and accents, fabricated Nickel Silver trim rings and a Mother of Pearl, Checkboard domed finial. In addition this fountain pen features a machined aluminum grip section. Are you a car enthusiast or just like the balance of understated and bold? This just might be your Fountain Pen.

This is a full sized fountain pen, featuring a 14mm cap thread. It features a Steel #6 Jowo Nib, however you can select a number of different finishes and widths from the drop down options when placing your order. Both steel and gold nibs are available. Inking duties are handled via the included converter cartridge.

I am also including an additional matching solid black section with the pen just to give you to option to change the look whenever you like.

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