Carina 14 in Blue Prismatic Pearl - March Drop

Carina 14 in Blue Prismatic Pearl - March Drop

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a blue pen rests atop my desk
quietly waiting to be used
it glimmers in the morning light
and seems to be softly amused

its curves and lines are so refined
and its color so vivid and true
a symbol of my inner thoughts
and all the things I want to do

with each stroke of its nib so fine
my thoughts come pouring out in ink
forming letters, words, and lines
all so beautiful, you'd think

so here's to you, my trusty pen
my partner in thought and in rhyme
together we'll create a world
that's truly beautiful and sublime.

Style: Carina 14
Resin: Blue Prismatic Pearl by Maverick Pens
Trim: Nickel Silver
Clip:  Stainless Steel - Shredded Hammered Texture
Nib: Jowo #6 Steel in your choice of widths

March Drop