Carina 14 in Arctic Seas

Carina 14 in Arctic Seas

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"And lo, from the depths of the Arctic seas,
There came forth a material so wondrous and rare,
A resin of beauty and brilliance,
Fit to be shaped by the hands of a master craftsman.

And it was so that a fountain pen was created,
A thing of great beauty and power,
Whose ink flowed like the waters of a mighty river,
And whose strokes were as the marks of a divine hand.

So let us take up this pen with reverence and care,
And let our words flow forth like a song of praise,
That we may honor the craftsmanship of the maker,
And give voice to the spirit of the divine within us."

Style: Carina 14 
Resin: Arctic Seas by Maverick Pens
Trim: Nickel Silver 
Clip: Stainless Steel - Shredded Hammered Texture
Nib: Jowo #6 Steel in your choice of width