Carina Hapalua 15 in Mother of Pearl and Dyed Blue Abalone - March Drop

Carina Hapalua 15 in Mother of Pearl and Dyed Blue Abalone - March Drop

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Carina, a stylish and elegant adventurer was known throughout the land for her exquisite taste and her love for rare and precious treasures. Her mokume gane jewelry, with its intricate patterns, was the envy of all who saw it. And when she heard of the elusive abalone, a shell with a shimmering blue and white iridescence, she knew that she had to have it.

Undaunted by the challenges that lay ahead, the adventurer set out on a quest to find the abalone. She traveled across treacherous mountains and through dense forests, always keeping her eyes peeled for any sign of the elusive shell. Finally, after many long weeks of searching, she came upon a hidden cove where the abalone dwelled. With her simple hand tools, she delicately pried the shells from the rocks, marveling at their iridescent beauty. And when she returned home with her mokume gane jewelry, now adorned with the rare abalone, she knew that her quest had been worth it. For she had once again proved that her sense of style and elegance were matched only by her daring and determination.

Style: Carina Hapalua 15
Shell: Mother of Pearl and Blue Dyed Abalone 
Resin: Mother of Pearl by The Pensmiths
Trim: Bronze
Clip Mokume Gane
Nib: Jowo #6 Steel in your choice of widths

March Drop