Carina 14 in Unnamed Green Swirl - March Drop

Carina 14 in Unnamed Green Swirl - March Drop

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The alchemist was always looking for new materials to experiment with in his quest to create the perfect pen. One day, he came across a rare substance that was unlike anything he had seen before - it had wild and crazy green and black swirls that seemed to move and shift before his eyes. The alchemist knew that he had to incorporate this material into his pen.

He spent weeks working on the design, carefully crafting the pen to showcase the beauty of the swirling material. When he finally finished, he marveled at the result - the pen had a unique energy and vitality, a perfect reflection of the alchemist's adventurous spirit. And when he used the pen to write, the ink flowed smoothly, the wild green and black swirls dancing across the page. It was as if the pen had a life of its own, a magic that could only come from the hand of an alchemist. And so, the alchemist became known for his stunning creations, each one a masterpiece of color and form, a testament to the power of imagination and the limitless possibilities of the human mind.

Style: Carina 14
Resin: Unnamed Block from Dank Blanks
Trim: Nickel Silver
Clip: Stainless Steel - Shredded Hammered Texture
Nib: Jowo #6 Steel in your choice of widths

March Drop