Where Did All the Pens Go?

This has been a very interesting and exciting few months for Atelier Lusso! First, one of my pens was again featured in Penworld Magazine, and I’m very happy about that! Shortly after this bit of good news I experienced a real disappointment when I was unable to secure a table for the only Public Day at the LA Pen show, my local show. However, there was additional good news coming.

I have been working with Jewelry maven Dennis Maron for several months on the pieces for a special limited edition Dragon Pen. Dennis and I spent months on a Dragon themed finial as well as Celtic styled centerband. Topping the whole thing off is a numbered series coin (1/10, 2/10, etc.) which would be inserted into the lower finial of the pen (so, "bottoming it off" would be more accurate, I guess). After the let down of the LA Pen Show, these cast bronze parts all managed to arrive in the studio, so I created a prototype and announced the limited series of 10 pens featuring these parts, and posted it on my website, Instagram and Facebook pages. I was completely surprised when the whole series sold out within a couple of days.

In addition to that, the sales on the Atelier Lusso website kind of went through the roof (!). Not only did all of the pens I made for the LA show sell but pretty much everything else I had on hand.  New visitors are finding that the shelves are pretty bare!

I have been working on completing the Limited Edition Dragons as well as special orders pretty solid for the past month or so, and will continue to for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully at that point I will be back to making one of a kind individual pens for the website. I’m eager to get started as I have some interesting new materials and finishes that I am working with, so please stay tuned, new items will be added, one by one, as they come out of the studio.

Thank you all for your amazing support!

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  • Will you make dragon themed pens on special orders?

    Ron Phelps

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