Vintage Materials

I like using vintage celluloids, galaliths and caseins in my pen designs. I have a small horde that I have accumulated over the past few years and I enjoy pulling one out every once in a while to step back in time a bit. Aesthetically, most vintage materials are fairly conservative, but feature designs that just aren't being done anymore. I'm not sure if the techniques were more labor intensive or if the processes have just become lost, but quite a few of these old materials have designs that just aren't available in modern materials.

This pen is made from a 90 year old celluloid that happens to be the first vintage purchase I made, quite a while ago. Celluloids can be difficult to work with in some ways and very nice to work with in others. For example, this material machines very nicely and cleanly. Some modern materials are very powdery or brittle, but celluloid machines cleanly and precisely... as long as you don't rush it! They are especially heat sensitive so you have to keep the material cool and work at a slower pace than most moderns. Drilling too fast or sanding at too high a rate on the lathe are both sure ways to ruin hours of work. Patience and sensitivity are requirements when working with vintage celluloids.

Fortunately I've worked with these old celluloids long enough to know how they like to be handled. That's not to say that I don't get a little heavy handed from time to time, but for the most part, its rare that I ruin a beautiful old piece of vintage celluloid anymore.

This pen is the first clipped pen that I've made from this particular material, I've only made the Andromeda style previous to this pen, and I think it carries the style very well.

I have a selection of vintage materials on hand, so if you like the idea of a pen done in something vintage, let me know and we can discuss a special pen just for you!





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