Two New Pens and a New Feature On Its Way

I had such a pleasant and productive experience this last weekend in the Atelier. We had beautiful weather on the coast and with the doors and windows open the ocean breeze invigorated and inspired me.

So these two beautiful pens are the result. Both feature the work of Pen Blank Maker Eugene Soto, The Sultan of Swirl. Eugene is one of the most talented guys in his field with an amazing eye for color and an expert at creating blanks that draw you into them with their swirls and pearly depth.

Both pens feature my handmade clips which I really enjoy offering, even though they require a lot of time to make. Which brings me to my news... I am working with distinguished local jeweler, Dennis Maron, to come up with a more interesting clip. We are working in CAD and will have custom clips cast in Sterling Silver and Jeweler's Bronze. Dennis's CAD work is responsible for the silver and bronze coins seen on the finials of all my current pens.

My current clips, because each one is made specifically for it's own pen, vary in width and shape. I try to imbue each clip with a personality that compliments the pen's size and material and give them graceful curves and tapers which make each one unique. This is both a feature and a problem. Uniqueness is good but so is consistency.

Although I intend to continue to offer these handmade clips, I would also like to have another element on the pen that communicates the uniqueness of the Atelier Lusso brand, plus a logo clip would enable me to make a cigar shaped pen, a style that won't allow me to use the signature finial coin, and still identify the pen as Atelier Lusso.

Once I have a design finalized you'll start to see these new clips as an option!



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