New Materials and Techniques Part 2

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I recently added some new equipment to my studio and have started using it to add to my metalworking options. First on the agenda has been adding Damascus Steel two piece clips. The pen pictured here, The Damascus Dragon, features such a clip made with beautiful steel by artist Lacy Smith along with a matching Damascus Steel centerband and trim rings. The graining you see is from hundreds of layers of steel that have been forged together in amazing patterns. Look for this material to show up on more and more pens from Atelier Lusso. 

The next technique that I am working on is an Urushi style finish on sculptured ebonite pens. Urushi is a traditional Japanese lacquer that has been used on decorative items in Japan for centuries. It has a beautiful depth to it and is enjoyed for the way the finish evolves with age and use. Due to the expense of the raw materials and the months normally devoted to applying the finish, I have been looking for some time for a modern finish that will allow me to duplicate the look and feel without the expense and long drying times associated with the original, classic Japanese technique. Well, I believe that I have found a solution that will work very nicely and allow me to create pens with the same appearance and functionality of Urushi at a much lower price point. The first pen of this sort will be The Katana, a sculptured ebonite pen finished in a traditional Urushi style as well as a version with a more modern interpretation. 

Stay tuned, there's more interesting things to come!

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  • Exquisite taste coupled with your brilliant craftsmanship is hard to beat! Love, love, love your pens!

    Diane Demmitt

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