New Materials and Techniques

I've been itching for something new in the shop lately and I have to say that I now have something that is pretty exciting. For quite a while I have been offering two different metal finishes on my pens, either Bronze or Nickel Silver, both are excellent accents and I will continue to use them. I recently have added a new clip to my line, the Logo clip. This clip is the result of a laborious CAD development, a collaboration between myself and master jeweler Dennis Maron. This clip is available in either Jeweler's Bronze or Sterling Silver, making a nice expansion in the line. It is available at the same cost as the Handmade Clip in the pricelist. However, that's not the big news, the big news is that I am now working on adding Titanium to my selection.

Titanium, with its deeper gray color and tough reputation, will be available as an additional option soon, as soon as I work out the difficulties of turning it on the lathe! It's doable but it takes more time and I need to develop the techniques for it. I have Titanium rod and sheets in inventory so look for it soon.

In addition I recently added a satin finished item to my inventory (it's already been sold and is in the hands of it's new owner on the Isle of Mann). The material that I used on the pen is what inspired the satin finish. I was working with my first piece of a material called Flexigran which, according to my supplier, takes a few extra steps to polish effectively. The Carina pen I made from it came out so stunning that I decided to stop at the sanding stage and leave it unpolished. The look of the pen, and especially the feel of holding, was so nice that I didn't want to take it any further (the lead photo for this blog entry is of this pen). Fortunately a lot of people felt the same way and the pen's feedback on Instagram was very favorable. I will be exploring this finish again with some of the other Flexigran patterns and colors, so stay tuned.

And one more item, I have recently purchased a Mill for my shop. The mill will allow me to be more creative and to offer new looks and details to my current lineup. For example, I have purchased a piece of Artisanal Damascus Steel and the mill will help me to create two piece clips featuring the beautifully patterned metal. Keep an eye out for pens featuring these clips soon!


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