Introducing The Taurus!

I've been planning on adding a smooth sided cigar pen to my line for a while now, and I've finally done it. The Taurus (named after a constellation, like my other pens, not the car!), is my latest. This is a large pen with the body generally measuring about 16mm wide and about 160mm long, capped. 

You may have seen the Taurus listed on the Menu page as a style option. I think it was on the list for about a month before the first one came out of the shop. Since then I've added a couple additional Taurus' to my inventory. There are probably more demonstrator models than non, but this model is well suited to the demonstrator type of materials. 

Next up for this pen is a new logo clip (since there isn't a way to utilize my signature finial coin on this style) and I have been working with Dennis Maron on the design for this for what seems like forever, but we have started, and scrapped several designs and seem to be on the verge of finishing a final version very soon. Look for this in the near future. 


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