Custom Orders are Welcome Again - And Changes at Atelier Lusso!

There have been some big changes at the ole Atelier lately. After having a super busy year, a year that incorporated our first numbered limited edition pen, and having had to move our home and studio (or, in French, Atelier, just in case you were wondering) which proved to be a big disruption, I have just now settled down and caught up on backlogged orders. My new location, up in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains at Lake Arrowhead California, has afforded me more studio time in a larger studio, and with that I have taken a moment to reassess my product line. 

The new Pyxis The first thing I found that I needed was a smaller, more compact pen. Simple in concept and reasonably priced, the pen would be clean lined but still have a sense of style. The result is the Pyxis. 

The clipless Pyxis in Primary Manipulation

Pyxis prices start at $190 and top out at $250 and it is available with or without a clip. This is also the first pen to incorporate my new Dragon logo finial. Every Atelier Lusso pen will now be branded with this logo. I hope you like it, it not only builds on the history of my penmaking but provides a nice design touch to remind you where you got that particular pen! The logo dragons come in either Sterling Silver or a Rose Gold colored bronze alloy, your choice.

Carina News I have also found that I needed to reprice my Carina pens. It pains me to have to do this but with all the metal work that goes into them, I found that I just couldn't carry that low price any longer. Prices for the Carinas is now at $340 for either of the three sizes, 13mm, 14mm and 15mm. It is a bit more for the two smaller sizes, but it is less for the larger. The new pricing includes the new Dragon finial, either bronze or nickel silver centerbands, three accent rings (at the section and the upper and lower finials) and a cleaner hidden attachment for the handmade clip. You may also choose the cast logo clip in Sterling silver or bronze at the same price. Current Carinas in inventory, if made before the changeover, will continue at their old, lower prices until they are gone.   

A Carina in Satin Flexigran with a Sterling Silver Logo Clip

Pearly Ragazzone Heaven! Over the past week I made another of my Carina Ragazzone pens, this time in actual Mother of Pearl. Ragazzone is Italian for Big Boy, and this is exactly what this pen is, a big handful of fountain Pen. I use this style when the material needs some metal tubes to support either an assembled blank (like the Mother of Pearl which has strips of actual shell supported by metal tubes and then cast in resin) or a blank that is particularly brittle or fragile and needs some support (like Trustone which is a blend of stone and resin). The tubes are then filled with the accent resin and the result is a denser heavier pen. I chose a Eugene Soto material called Coconut, instead of my usual black as an accent and have been very happy with the response I received. The first pen has been sold but I will do a three pen run over the next few weeks. The price is $425. If there is interest to support it I may do another run before the end of the year. 

The Carina Ragazzone in Mother of Pearl with Coconut Acrylic Accents 

A commitment to New Materials Ever since I made my first pen, I have been attracted to high quality materials, particularly the rare and unusual. To that end I have tried, over the past few months, to find new, exciting materials to build from. So whether it is obscure Cellulose Acetates like the L'Arco Green in the photo below, limited edition SEM Ebonites or Modern Wonders like Jonathan Brooks' Primary Manipulation (shown in the Pyxis photo above, I pledge to bring you the beautiful and the unusual as often as I can. Say tuned for more beauties to come.

A Carina in L'Arco Green Cellulose Acetate

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  • I am interested in the measurements of the Pyxis style pen, also when you are going to resume taking orders. I couldn’t find anything with that info on the website. Thank you, Micki

  • I love your work first off. Besides that I’m working on a very unique product and I’m curious if you would be interested in the near future to partner up and create one of a kind never been made before product? I’m serious the products have never been made before but contact me at 7178190859 and I can give you more details

    Devin chaney
  • I live in Arrowbear. I am newly addicted to fountain pens. Is it possible for me to come by to see how you make pens. I am also an amateur photographer and would like to take photos if possible (without disturbing your work, of course). If possible. Please let me know. I am usually home Thiursday through Saturday. Other days are Ok if I don’t have court that day (lawyer).

    Xiggy Freeman

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