A Work in Progress

I don't usually post photos of pens before I have completed them but I ran out of time on this commission and wasn't able to make the clip before the end of the day. This one is  slightly smaller than most of my pens, built to a 13mm cap thread instead of my usual 14mm, due to the smaller size of the vintage celluloid I used. I recently made another pen in this material (you can see it in the slideshow at the bottom of the main page or on the previous blog post) but, due to the material size, I used a black cap instead and this customer inquired on doing a similar pen but with a matching cap.

Once the clip is complete it will replace the funky spacer between the finial and the rest of the cap and send it off to it's new home. All the metal pieces are bronze, including the logo coin in the finial (which is filled with Zinnia colored cold enamel) and the nib is a rose gold plated Jowo #6.

I don't have much left of this celluloid and I'll be sad to see it gone.

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